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We are proud to release the 1st ever, Emotional Wellness Holiday Product Guide featuring BIPOC mental health professionals


The holidays are upon us, and it looks like the stress from work, racial injustice, COVID, and everything else will continue to weigh heavy on our hearts and minds. Unfortunately, the holiday season tends to increase stress and poor mental functioning for people, especially women. Women tend to take on the responsibilities of cooking, shopping, and preparing holiday feasts. Often, the pressure of hosting the “perfect party” can increase anxiety and depression. 


Additionally, as the end of the year draws near and the anticipation of a new year is almost in sight, this is a great time to release any regrets or negative energy. How powerful would it be to start 2022 with a mindset focused on your emotional wellbeing? Well, we have just what you need.

With these stressors in mind, we wanted to equip you with tools that can help you navigate this time of year with self-compassion, peace of mind, and most of all, reduced stress. We have selected 12 emotional wellness products that were created by Black and Indigenous mental health professionals to support your wellbeing journey. These products also make excellent gifts for your friends, co-workers, and family members.

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My Time To Thrive: Feel. Grow. Heal Card Deck

The My Time To Thrive: Feel. Grow. HealTM card deck was designed to help you kickstart your emotional wellness journey. The card deck is stacked with powerful culturally-sensitive mindfulness strategies, easy-to-use coping tools, and affirming quotes that are guaranteed to help you take charge of your emotional health. Feeling, growing, and healing start with listening to your inner voice, practicing tools for healing, and making your emotional health a priority! Your emotional wellness journey starts now...IT’S TIME!

Cost: $49.95; Get 20% off with Promo Code: HOLIDAY20 (expires 12/31/21); While supplies last, bundle with the My Time To Thrive: Feel. Grow. HealTM journal for $65.

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Emotional Wellness Holiday Product Guide Featuring BIPOC Mental Health Professionals



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EQ Kids Crew! Card Game + Mini-Spinning Wheel Bundle

With the EQ Crew!® Card Game, parents and educators can get a better idea of how children are feeling and help them manage their emotions in healthy ways, all while having fun!  The EQ Kids Crew!® is a non-competitive game that features 48 emotions and seven diverse characters. Kids get to learn 10 emotional regulation techniques and 14 relatable scenarios that give your kids the opportunity to talk about how they would feel if they were in similar situations.

Cost: Sale price $26.99. Original price $29.99; Free mini spinning wheel with promo code HOLIDAYGUIDE21

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Worthy of Royalty Self-Care Cards

The Worthy of Royalty Self-Care cards provide a deck of free and low-cost self-care tips to address several areas of your life. Using these cards will help you to incorporate self-care into your life more frequently, live a more balanced lifestyle, increase a sense of accomplishment, reduce your stress, and improve your mood. The cards are great for individual use and can also be incorporated in a group setting. For daily use, just pick a card to determine your self-care for the day, then follow through with the task.

Cost: $16.99; 10% off Promo code: PSYCHWELLNESS

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The Self-Care Prescription Journal: Powerful Prompts to Manage Emotions, Cultivate Well-Being, and Achieve Your Goals

The Self-Care Prescription Journal is filled with reflective writing prompts that empower you to attend to your needs, create space to slow down and breathe, and take inspired actions to improve your life. It is the perfect stand alone or companion to The Self-Care Prescription book.

Cost: : $13.49

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Disjointed: Keeping My Sh*t Together Journal

The Self-Care Prescription Journal is filled with reflective writing prompts that empower you to attend to your needs, create space to slow down and breathe, and take inspired actions to improve your life. It is the perfect stand alone or companion to The Self-Care Prescription book.

Cost: : $39.99


My Time To Thrive: Feel. Grow. Heal Journal

Journaling is a powerful tool for healing emotional wounds as it provides opportunities to uncover unhealthy patterns, develop insight, and gain new strategies for problem-solving. My Time To Thrive: Feel. Grow. Heal journal is lined journal with powerful quotes by renowned BIPOC individuals that will inspire you on your journey. You can use it as a reflection journal, gratitude journal, a success journal, a healing journal, or simply a place to jot down your thoughts, or for poetry or song writing. The space and time that you invest in you will help bring you peace of mind and go from surviving to thriving! 

You can use it as a stand alone journal or pair with the My Time To Thrive: Feel. Heal. Grow card deck.

Cost::  $18.95; While supplies last, bundle with the My Time To Thrive: Feel. Grow. HealTM journal for $65.

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Start Within Emotional Freedom Technique (Tapping) e-Journal

Want to manage anxiety, reduce stress, and break free of unhealthy patterns? When you combine a journal with the Emotional Freedom Technique (or Tapping), you've got an amazing resource for your emotional self-care! EFT-Tapping is a powerful healing method that harnesses the unity of mind and body to release stress and trauma. This journal by Coach Colette offers a secure place to record your journey with EFT! It will be useful whether you're new to EFT-Tapping or are an experienced tapper.

Cost:: $13.99

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Dear Black Girl: Essential Guided Reflections to Celebrate You!

The Dear Black Girl: Essential Guided Reflections to Celebrate You! is a workbook that was created to be a foundational starting place for Black ladies to begin exploring ways that various life experiences can impact happiness, wellness, and overall mental health.  Many of the prompts included are specific to the Black experience, as Black women tend to have a unique social and emotional experience based on our racial and ethnic identities.  There is also room to continue journaling beyond the prompts.

Cost: $25.00

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It's Time to Talk About Trauma

If you are not quite ready to go to therapy, but are open to starting your healing process - this workbook is for you! This workbook is filled with over 100 pages of action-based assessments and exercises to help you navigate challenging periods of your life. It also includes resources on how to find affordable therapy, questions to ask a therapist when deciding if they are a good fit and a mental health glossary to better understand the terminologies often used by mental health professionals.

Cost:: $25.00

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Chocolate Mindfulness App

The Chocolate Mindfulness App introduces a delicious way to slow down, schedule self-care, and achieve wellness. The on-demand bite-sized retreat is the perfect pairing with chocolate, beckoning you to take a break for much deserved me time. The Chocolate Mindfulness App provides clarity by selecting a retreat for you, saving valuable time from sorting through thousands of options to feel calm. 

Cost:: Free to download.  $10/year to subscribe for the full library of bite-sized retreats.

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A fun mindfulness and progressive relaxation app specifically designed for children 3 – 9 years. It consists of 5 stories that lead the child & adult to use the various  evidence-based practices of mindfulness, progressive relaxation, breathing, storytelling, cognitive behavioral therapy, movement and sensory stimulation. Each story is less than 5 minutes and the techniques can be used anytime, anywhere. Children will learn how to effectively self-regulate their emotions in a fun and engaging way. 

Cost:: $4.99

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Chocolate Mindfulness Retreat

MYRetreat Inc. provides virtual 60- minute Chocolate Mindfulness Retreats for professionals to focus on their mental health and wellbeing, by experiencing an introduction to sensory mindfulness while savoring fine chocolate.  The retreat utilizes intention setting to help you confidently communicate clear intentions, mindfulness to access the neocortex (rational brain), and gratitude to tap into greater resilience.  The retreats are the perfect pairing with fine chocolate. Chocolate Mindfulness Retreats are offered the last Wednesday of each month, in 2022.  Make sure to BYOC (Bring your own chocolate!).

Cost:: : $25 per retreat (virtual)

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