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Mental Health with Diverse Talent in Mind

Inclusive emotional wellbeing solutions that help leaders recruit and retain a diverse workforce by reducing the high cost of employee turnover due to stress and burnout while boosting employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity.

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Inclusive Mental Health Solutions

Experiences that Foster Belonging & Wellbeing


Consulting and coaching solutions that equip leaders with tools to proactively address mental health in the workplace


Live wellness workshops and experiences that teach actionable skills while energizing the workforce


Leveraging data and real-time feedback to monitor progress and facilitate continous improvement

Our Clients & Partners

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total spend on employer turnover each year among U.S. companies.

Stress is Costing Your Bottomline

What People Are Saying

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College Students
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"Dr. Jackman provided a digestible synopsis of the history of racism in this country as a context for how current racism and racial trauma present in the workplace and in the world today. Bravo! Very informative, easy to follow, many good real world examples to emphasize the points." 

"I have more tools to identify signs of burnout and I feel more confident implementing strategies that can support my team in working together. A huge learning was understanding the importance of modeling boundaries with the people who report to me."

"A session that helps to take time during the workday to reflect, center and find community. Great interactive activities relevant and helpful." 

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A 5-Step Screening Tool for Assessing Your

Organization’s Emotional Wellbeing Strategy

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