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Time to Shine: TV + Social Media Training Bootcamp for Therapists


June 22, 2021  - June 24, 2021

This masterclass is designed for therapists who are looking to increase their visibility in both TV media and social media spheres!

Speaker : Kavontae Smalls

Associate Producer | GBH

Kavontae Smalls’ passion for storytelling has fueled his media career for more than a decade.  Kavontae is an award-winning journalist with experience in traditional and new media for commercial and public media outlets as well as media and public relations experience in the government and non-profit sectors.


Kavontae currently serves as a television and podcast producer for programs that share underreported stories within communities of color and other marginalized groups. Throughout Kavontae’s career, he has become effective at fact-based information gathering, mastering the art of the interview, brand building by leveraging effective marketing in traditional and new media, and capturing memorable moments through compelling visuals.


About Kevontae

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