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Dr. Charmain F. Jackman, is a Harvard-trained, licensed psychologist with over 23 years in the field.  She is the founder + CEO of InnoPsych, Inc., an organization on a mission to change the face of therapy and to promote emotional wellness and healing for people of color. She is a national spokesperson on emotional wellness and is candid about her challenges finding a therapist at a difficult time in her life. Dr. Jackman’s #1 sweet spot is sweating it out on her bike with her family.

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Your sweet spot is a place where you feel centered, balanced, joyful, peaceful, loved, affirmed, and empowered! Finding Your Sweet Spot: Reflections to Claim Your Voice and Power™ cards are based on 10 Mindfulness techniques crafted by Dr. Jackman to reduce stress, promote empowerment and emotional well-being.

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The Finding Your Sweet Spot: Reflections to Claim Your Voice and Power™ card deck was created to give you tools to discover, uplift, and empower you by exploring the thoughts, feelings, and actions that keep you stuck. Healing and growth start with listening to our inner voice, exploring areas that we have avoided, and making our emotional health a priority! It starts now!! Get ready to start your personal journey to finding your sweet spot!



The cards are designed for ANYONE who wants to:


Get better control of their emotional health, grow personally, and engage in healthy discussions about emotional wellness.


You can use the cards in many ways such as journal prompts, conversation starters with family and friends, discussion guides for support groups, community-building activities, and even in therapy sessions! Use them as often as you like...and gift a deck to a friend.

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The deck contains 10 mindfulness strategies that have been shown to promote emotional well-being.

Each strategy is organized in 4 simple ways:


Statement (1):

Gives an overview of how each mindfulness strategy works.


Prompt Cards (3): 

Great for journaling, conversation starters, and therapy homework exercises.


Quote Cards (2): 

Features quotes from well-known POCs that we find inspiring.


Activity (1): 

Helps to deepen your mindfulness practice and increase self-awareness.


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