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The My Time To Thrive: Feel. Heal. Grow™ card deck was created to give you strategies to use on your personal journey to healing from challenging and traumatic life events. The deck offers tools to help you identify and express emotions, manage stressful experiences, and discover new ways of coping. Feeling, growing, and healing start with listening to your inner voice, addressing generational trauma, and making your emotional health a priority! Your emotional wellness journey starts now...IT’S TIME!

My Time To Thrive Card Deck

  • The My Time To Thrive: Feel. Heal. Grow™ card deck provide information on wellness topics such as self-awareness, self-care, personal growth, and therapy and are for informational purposes only. Using these cards does not constitute a therapist-client relationship with Dr. Jackman and/or InnoPsych, Inc. The information herein is not intended to be a substitute for professional mental health or medical advice or treatment given by a licensed mental health or medical professional. Please consult your medical and/or mental health provider to discuss any concerns you may have about your health.

  • The My Time To Thrive: Feel. Heal. Grow™ card deck is non-refundable. All sales are final.

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