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The My Time To Thrive: Feel. Grow. Heal Card Deck was designed to help you kickstart your emotional wellness journey. The card deck is stacked with powerful culturally-sensitive mindfulness strategies, easy-to-use coping tools, and affirming quotes that are guaranteed to help you take charge of your emotional health. Feeling, growing, and healing start with listening to your inner voice, practicing tools for healing, and making your emotional health a priority! Your emotional wellness journey starts now...IT’S TIME!


Journaling is a powerful tool for healing emotional wounds as it provides opportunities to uncover unhealthy patterns, develop insight, and gain new strategies for problem-solving. My Time To Thrive: Feel. Grow. Heal Journal is lined journal with powerful quotes by renowned BIPOC individuals that will inspire you on your journey. You can use it as a reflection journal, gratitude journal, a success journal, a healing journal, or simply a place to jot down your thoughts, or for poetry or song writing. The space and time that you invest in you will help bring you peace of mind and go from surviving to thriving!


FREE Holiday Gift Box Packaging: 


Our Holiday Gift Box is a delightful enhancement to elevate your gifting experience this festive season! Enhance the presentation of your purchased card deck and journal bundle  with a beautifully curated and tastefully arranged gift box.


Our expertly designed gift boxes are adorned with seasonal motifs and crafted to reflect the warmth and joy of the holidays. Each box is carefully assembled with attention to detail, ensuring a stunning presentation.


Purchase by December 15, 2023 at 5pm EST for arrival by December 25th.  While supplies last.

My Time To Thrive: Feel. Grow. Heal Card Deck + Journal Bundle

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