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Wind in her Hair

Yes-Loveland Foundation

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My Approach to Therapy:

I work to create collaborative, authentic, and trusting relationships with clients founded in warmth, genuineness, and empathy. While therapy requires that we take an honest look at the parts of ourselves that we'd prefer to ignore, it also provides us with the opportunity to discover, own, and build our strengths. Rather than labeling parts of ourselves as good or bad, it is more useful to explore and understand the context in which certain characteristics developed. We then consider how the same traits may currently manifest in both healthy and unhealthy ways. The goal is to move towards meeting your whole self with the necessary compassion and empathy that lasting growth and change requires. In order to shift unhealthy patterns in our lives, we must first acknowledge all aspects of who we are. I've learned that optimal wellness lingers in the balance between seeking the courage required to confront the areas of our lives and aspects of ourselves that call for change, while gathering the wisdom and resilience necessary to accept the aspects of our lives and experiences that we cannot control. Therapy can help you move towards achieving and maintaining this balance.

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Sliding Scale:


Telehealth in 34 states

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Specialty Areas:

•Creatives/Performing Artists •Grief/Loss •Interpersonal Relationships •Racial Trauma •Spirituality •Trauma/PTSD

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Therapy, TeleHealth/Video Sessions, Workshops & Seminars

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