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Roslyn Guzman, LMSW

Wind in her Hair


Languages Spoken:


Clinical Population Served:


My Approach to Therapy:

I believe that therapy should be a non-judgmental space where you can be yourself and safely discover different layers of who you are. Story telling is powerful, and in sessions, I help my clients rewrite the narratives that have been causing pain. You deserve to feel all the magic that’s already within you.

I work mostly from a framework that’s influenced by CBT. That means that we get curious about the root of your thoughts, how they drive your actions, and learn how to reframe them. Together, we’ll make connections about patterns in your life that are troubling you. I help you find relief, so that you experience less stress, guilt, sadness and anxiety. In our sessions, I empower you to take steps to live more freely.

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Sliding Scale:


Virtual Practice in New York

Accepting New Clients: 


Specialty Areas:

•Anxiety •Interpersonal Relationships •Life Transitions •Women of Color/Women's Health •Workplace Dynamics

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TeleHealth/Video Sessions

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