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Charmain Jackman, PhD


Accepting New Clients 

Specialty Areas:

In-Network Insurances: 

• Anxiety • Depression • Divorce/Separation • Life Transitions • Trauma/PTSD • Workplace Dynamics

Service Types:

Clinical Population Served:


Sliding Scale:


Therapy , TeleHealth/Video Sessions , Testing/Evaluations , Workshops & Seminars

Languages Spoken:


College Students/Early Adults,Adolescents,Adults

My Approach To therapy:

The values that guide my approach to therapy include empowerment, authenticity, and joy. My clients are primarily people of color who are experiencing depression, anxiety, and trauma that is impacting their relationships, work/school performance, and/or satisfaction with life. I begin the work by inviting you to share your story (all that you feel comfortable sharing), and together, we explore ways to deepen your understanding of life events, to challenge unhealthy thought and emotional patterns, and to learn new ways of being. While therapy can be difficult, I strive to create a space that allows you to be your full self, affirms your culture, supports the growth and changes you want to make...and offers up opportunities for laughter.