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Sravan, Kakani, M.D.

Wind in her Hair


Languages Spoken:


Clinical Population Served:

College Students/Early Adults, Adults

My Approach to Therapy:

“Throughout my life, I have seen how mental healthcare is geographically limited, culturally stigmatized, and primarily medication-focused. Virtual visits minimize the costs and time pressures associated with an office visit while preserving confidentiality, safety, and comfort. I adapt my medical training and psychiatry skills to assess your specific goals and devise a collaborative, realistic treatment plan that goes beyond a prescription.”

This practice is intended for adults (age 18 or older) residing in Alabama or Texas who are interested in a psychiatric evaluation for initial diagnosis, second opinion, or to identify challenging behavioral patterns. Dr. Kakani uses an outpatient consultation model to assess one's mental health and then guides patients through relevant resources while problem-solving together. Dr. Kakani does not prescribe medications in this practice. Instead, he encourages reducing unnecessary prescriptions and can provide guidance on mental health medications. This model will best serve motivated individuals who are open to exploring their emotional health to improve relationships and to achieve personal goals.

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Sliding Scale:


Virtual, Alabama

Accepting New Clients: 


Specialty Areas:

•Anxiety •Depression •Men of Color/Men's Health

Service Types:

In-Network Insurances: 


Psychiatry/Medication, TeleHealth/Video Sessions

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