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Mental Health with Diverse Talent in Mind

Your employees want emotional safety at work. It's time to cultivate trust and accountability and to root out bias and racial stress. We offer mental wellbeing solutions with recruiting, engaging, and retaining diverse talent in mind.

Our Approach

We Offer Comprehensive Culturally Responsive Emotional Wellbeing Solutions

Data-driven Strategy

Curated Content

Monitoring and Feedback

We start with a data-driven process to assess the organization's needs, set goals, determine metrics and decide on a strategy.

We create an action plan that includes live and/or virtual programming for employees, managers, and leaders including onboarding.

We offer access to curated content geared to build mental wellbeing skills and tools for leaders. 

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Knowing that your employees carry their cultural identities wherever they go, we designed our wellbeing solutions to reflect the diverse backgrounds and needs of today's workforce.

We know what your Employees of Color are NOT telling you.

Racial discrimination is harmful and it causes emotional distress and can lead to toxic work cultures. However, if you are an organization leader, you may not even know it. Why? Employees of Color often remain silent about their negative experiences at work.

40% of people share that work has had a negative impact on their mental health (Workplace, November 2022):



42% of employees experience race discrimination; 42% experience gender discrimination (Glassdoor, 2019);


79% of employees reports symptoms of stress and burnout (APA, 2022)


#1 source of health complaints is Job Stress


$1T spend for U.S. companies for employee turnover


$190B cost of workplace place stress a year (Forbes, 2015);


#1 desire for millenials and Gen Z: organization that cares about wellbeing workplace; (Workplace, 2021).

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Our Amazing Multicultural & Multilingual Facilitators

Our programming, led by a team of multicultural and multilingual mental health professionals, provides practical information about mental health conditions; societal factors that contribute to poor health outcomes such as discrimination and racial trauma; navigating mental wellbeing in the workplace; and culturally responsive strategies for integrating stress-reduction techniques into daily life.


InnoPsych’s unique focus on racial stress and employees of color in the workplace allows us to stand out from other companies addressing mental wellbeing in the workplace.


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You're in good company

Boston University, Museum of Science, Seneca Family of Agencies, American Repertory Theatre, The Partnership, Inc., Crescent Hotels, Syracuse University, Hubspot, Harvard University, William James College, Boston Lyric Opera, Bank of America 


NAACP, VistPrint, Ad Council, Boston Arts Academy, MHA, PBS, APA, Celtics, The Dimock Center, National Govenors Assoc., Mass Challenge, City of Boston, The Capital Network 

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Our Impact


  • 100% of attendees report that InnoPsych content valuable

  • 99% found the content Relevant

  • 98% found the content Engaging

  • 98% found the content Actionable

The responses from attendees were overwhelmingly positive and showed us the need for more trainings and spaces dedicated to the healing of racial trauma and... centering the mental health and wellbeing of our employees. I highly recommend Dr. Charmain Jackman’s lectures, workshops and webinars.

Carla Carten, Interim SVP, Chief DEI Officer, MGB

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Eye-opening experience and gets you thinking.


Helpful, focused, validating and critical.


Engaging and Insightful. I left motivated and with some tools to help cope with everyday stressors.


a discussion around the importance of mental health with an actionable exercise to help bring calm into a busy day


Dr. Jackman went beyond just discussing the what and the how and instead I was pulled into an interactive exercise. I found the session very helpful and actionable.


Thought provoking, eye opening, extremely relevant to the work we do


Awesome and relatable. I love that Dr.Jackman did not use large words that were not understandable. Dr.Jackman kept it to the point and I feel better for my mental health.

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